Cohousing Communication Software?
From: Tegaroni (
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 09:15:26 -0700 (PDT)
Hi All,
Does anyone know of a good software package or service that handles most of a 
community's electronic communication needs? 
Currently we are patching together many different pieces such as YahooGroups, 
Gmail Calendars, hand edited website pages, etc. But I am hoping to find a 
single solution with most of the following features. Please let me know if you 
have any suggestions.
* Log-In: Each resident would have a personalized log-in and password.
* BIO: Each resident would maintain their personal information such as house 
number, phone numbers, email address, photo, etc.
* Member Directory: A way to view a directory of all residents and their 
* FAQ: A way to view community information pages
* Announcements: A way for a resident to send an email announcement to all 
other residents or a subgroup of residents. Replies would be sent to the sender 
instead of everyone. Also, one could send an email announcement to the system 
from their email account.
* Calendars: A way for a resident to add/edit/delete events. The system would 
then automatically send an email to all residents to inform them of the event 
or a change to the event. It would also send out an email reminder the day 
* Archives: A way for a resident to view or upload documents
* Photos: A way for a resident to view or upload photos
* Groups: A way for a resident to join a "Group". These "Groups" would become 
email subgroups so an announcement or calendar event such as a Board meeting 
would be sent only to the "Board" subgroup. "Groups" could also be used for 
meals, committees, contact lists, etc.
* Classifieds: A way for a resident to view, add or edit a classified ad.
* Pets: A way for a resident to view, add or edit information about 
neighborhood pets.
* Polling: A way to allow a resident to view a proposal, make comments, and 
cast their vote.
Thanks in advance,

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