Re: External Displays
From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 09:48:38 -0800 (PST)

On Nov 13, 2007, at 9:24 AM, melanie griffin wrote:

one meter or less in diameter or is located in Alaska

 one meter or less in diameter or diagonal measurement

on property within the exclusive use or control of the antenna user where the user has a direct or
indirect ownership interest in the property

(b) Any restriction otherwise prohibited by paragraph (a) is permitted if:

(1) it is necessary to accomplish a clearly defined safety objective

(2) it is necessary to preserve an historic district listed or eligible for listing in
     the National Register of Historic Places,

You have all these caveats, however, that do place restrictions. Ownership becomes an issue.

The new dishes are smaller than 1 meter and often can be mounted on a roof and not obvious, but the old ones were 6-10 feet wide.

We are in a historic district.

So it isn't enough to say they can't be restricted. You have to look at all the exclusions.

Sharon Villines
Takoma Village Cohousing,Washington DC

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