Coho/US website migration to Drupal platform - and request for info on Drupal Coho resources?
From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 12:18:29 -0800 (PST)
Coho/US is well under way in migrating the website from
its current proprietary system, hosted by a proprietary service provider,
onto Drupal, an Open Source content-management platform (,
which can be hosted by hundreds, if not thousands, of ISPs (Internet Service
Providers). This will dramatically decrease the baseline cost to the
organization and migration will provide us with a more reliable,
higher-level starting point.

The Drupal Platform has thousands of independently developed "plug-in
modules" - and we can add more. This lets us actively grow a more
accessible, interactive, and valuable resource. With the required support
and participation, the new website will grow into an
increasingly stronger tool and resource for the Cohousing Movement...
including Forming Cohousing Groups, Established Communities, Cohousing
Seekers, and the Cohousing Industry.

Phase 1 will largely be a port of the existing site, with some subtle, but
important differences. What Phase 2 evolves into is really up to those of us
who are willing and able to grow the site via a community effort... After we
recreate the existing site in Phase 1, we will start developing a "learning
community" of collaborators that will learn and teach each other to better
use/grow the site to meet our many and varied needs.

We anticipate the Phase 1 Public Beta Launch in the next couple months...
but we will not launch until its ready to replace the existing site.

Before then, I would like help identifying other Drupal resources within the
Cohousing world. Do you have a website based on Drupal? If so, I'd
appreciate a private (or public) mail with a link to your site(s), a bit
about your hands-on experience with it, and an indication of interest in
doing some consultative review of the migration team's work.

I'll be putting out additional calls for involvement as we progress toward
the Phase 1 Public Beta Launch and then begin work on Phase 2. I am
particularly interested in seeing how some of the active Coho-L contributors
can start engaging and communicating in highly effective, focused ways as we
head into Phase 2.

In community,

Craig Ragland
Coho/US Board

P.S. Our commitment to Drupal has been made, so if you advocate a different
platform or tool-set or approach to delivering web-based experiences, please
understand ... that train left the station. Given the thousands of Drupal
modules (, it may also be that your vision
is compatible with the Drupal platform as a base.

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