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From: Rodney Elin (
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 22:02:12 -0800 (PST)
Ellen Keyne Seebacher wrote:
Eastern Village Cohousing in Silver Spring, Maryland, does not have
parking.? Residents do without cars, park them on the street, or pay
for a permit to park them in the county garage behind EVC.?

We are walking distance to the Silver Spring Metro station and a
bunch of bus lines.

That's great for people who can walk.  What do your disabled members do?


I also live in Eastern Village and I am one of the disabled members. I use a wheelchair most of the time.

In this case (Washington, DC) "near mass transit" means a lot more. Every subway station in our system has elevator access, (46 stations, 155 elevators, 110 miles) and waiting shuttle service when an elevator is out of order, and the entire fleet of 2,900 buses in the system can accommodate any motor disability with wheelchair lifts or low floors and extending ramps.

With regards to proximity, I will say that there is no seating at any of the four nearest bus stops to Eastern Village, but bus service is frequent enough that a bus comes by in either direction about once every twenty minutes during the day (hough less frequently on Sunday.)

I do not have a copy of your original query, but I think it was asking about urban cohousing or cohousing that did not have included parking. Eastern Village was an adaptive reuse project and that meant that our developer was not required to meet a variety of obligations that he would hae had EVC been new construction. Our developer did not have to provide the county mandated 1.5 parking spaces per dwelling, he did not have to retrofit any part of our building to comply with ADA, but he did provide reasonable accommodations for disabled members. However, since move in in 2004, at least five of 56 unit owners have given up their cars completely, and at least five others have proven to themselves that they do not need the luxury of a car, but continue to purchase monthly permits and park in the county garage. The lack of parking at EVC has definitely not been a major impact on sales or on home resales that I have seen.

~Rodney Elin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
hen3ry at easternvillage dot org

I'll add that "near mass transit" is not generally helpful in most
cities, whose transit systems are only grudgingly accessible to people
with motor disabilities.  During the four months I spent in a wheelchair
last year, I was unable to use Boston's much-vaunted T, as many of the
stations I wanted to go to had no elevators.  And you don't even want
to get me started on the buses. :/

        Ellen (grateful to have switched to the Mosaic Commons unit
          nearest the carports)

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