A home in Nevada City Cohousing selected as finalist for an important award
From: Joani Blank (joaniswansway.com)
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 10:43:23 -0800 (PST)

I'm posting this announcement for McCamant & Durrett Architects (known to most cohousers as the famous yet familiar Katie and Chuck). I cast my "people's choice" vote for this cohousing home; I hope that you will do so too.

Joani Blank
Swan's Market Cohousing
Oakland, CA

Dear Friends,

Exciting news: McCamant & Durrett Architects has been selected as a finalist
for the 2008 Energy Value Housing Award (EVHA) for their entry of 507 Redbud
Way, Nevada City (a private residence in Nevada City Cohousing).

This prestigious award is sponsored by the National Association of Home
Builders (NAHB) and will be given to us at the International Builder's Show
in February. At that time we will learn whether we have won the gold, the
silver, or even Builder of the Year!

The EVHA is also offering a chance for the public to vote for their favorite
finalist. The highest vote-getter will receive the People's Choice Award at
the 2008 EVHA banquet.

We would love it if you and all of your friends could go to their website
and cast your vote for us. Don't do it just for us, do it for the future of
all cohousing!

The web address for voting is <http://www.nahbrc.org/evha/voting.aspx>. The site is open for voting through February 12, 2008. Just scroll down until you find our entry, click
on the "Pick Me" button, then click on the "Vote Now" button at the bottom
of the page.

Our entry is listed as follows:

Category: Multifamily
Climate: Moderate
Location: Nevada City, CA

If you have any problems finding the website or our entry, please let us
know ASAP. We'll let you know the final results in February.


Chuck Durrett

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