Re: The future of cohousing support.
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 23:46:21 -0800 (PST)
Sharon wrote:

"In the late 90s there was a spreadsheet of all the communities and the
banks that had financed them. It is outdated now but would provide a
foundation for future years. It shows a long history of communities
that were good investments."

I don't know what this spreadsheet that Sharon is talking about is, but at the end of the 90's when the Cohousing Association still had a print magazine/ we published annual reports in that magazine two years in a row; each included a directory of built communities including the names of the banks that loaned those projects money for land purchase or for construction or both.

Multiple copies of these magazines are in the basement here at Swan's Market Cohousing. (I told my neighbors here that the stuff from the Cohousing Association's office when...we had an office.... would stay in our basement a few months......I think it's been there more than four years now.)

I'll be going down to that basement tomorrow for something else and I'll look to see if the info about banks really in each listing, and if that's true for both of these issues of the magazine. Depending on what I find out, I'll get back to this list and let you know how you can get your very own copy. I'll probably request that you pay $5.00 for these magazines, $2.00 will cover the shipping cost, and the other $3.00 will be a donation to the Association.

I'll get back to this list with the info tomorrow or Monday.


Joani Blank
Swan's Market Cohousing
Oakland, CA
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