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From: Stuart Joseph (
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 08:12:18 -0800 (PST)
Please send me the PDF file.
It might be good to add it to the archive and/or the WIKI as I am sure that a lot of us are interested in the subject.

i would love to own one, but once we are living at Caer Coburn, I couldn't use it for getting to town as the only way to get there is via a State highway with a speed limit of 50 MPH.


Muriel Kranowski wrote:
I posed the question about electric trucks to a friend here in town, David Roper, a retired physics professor at Virginia Tech. Dave owns a ZAP Xebra pickup and has made himself into the most public Electric Vehicle champion in Blacksburg. Here's his reply (not speaking to shared ownership but about the vehicles). He said I could include his email address: roperld [at]

He also sent me a 2-page PDF file containing more information, his recommendations about dealers, etc., which I'll forward to anyone who asks for it.

----------------Dave's message--------------
The ZAP Xebra PK pickup starting selling in the U.S. in Sept 2006. There were lots of things that needed to be improved, some of which I found with mine. There is a summary of those items at
/ (click on the Xebra Breeders Digest).

I am told that many of those items have been fixed in the 2008 model.


A log of my experience with the ZAP Xebra PK is .

For any electric car with lead-acid batteries, the batteries will last much longer if they are not discharged all the way down, even though they are called "deep cycle" batteries. The most life-time energy can be gotten out of them if they are discharged only about half way.

I hope to move to lithium-ion-iron-phosphate batteries in a year or so
(; right now they are about 3 times or more expensive than lead-acid AGM batteries (the best lead-acid batteries), which I now have. Their price should go down rapidly in the next few years.

The GEM can go only 25 mph, whereas the Xebra can go 40 mph.

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