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Thank you so much for your professional, caring, expert service. Our community has benefited in its development so much by the collective wisdom and generosity brought together on this site.

Tom Hammer
Concord Village
Chester County, PA

Making a commitment builds hope.  Keeping a commitment builds trust.

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Tho Cohousing-L actually started on October 21, 1992, it ramped up slowly at first so I treat Jan 1, 1993 as the starting date of the list. In the first 15 years there were 27,110 messages distributed. An overall average
of 165 messages per month in the last 5 years.

As of Jan 2008 there were 1216 subscribers. 666 Digest mode, 550
Non-digest mode. 388 of those are in No Mail mode, some because of
problems with the address over the years, some so they can post from a
second address and some so they can post but read via the archives. I
do not know how many of each tho many are due to problems.

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