Re: Here's my Visoin. Has anyone ever thought of a co-housing park-model park?
From: Lia Olson (
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 21:22:59 -0800 (PST)
I don't have any ideas regarding how to do this (not good on that level at all)
but I've mused about the viability of an idea like this myself as a way of
making cohousing affordable.   I don't have a problem with adjusting to having
limited space or to employing a mobile home park model IF it were organized as
a co-housing village with neighbors who wanted to work to create community and
a saner way of living on the planet.  I also would be interested in relocating
to the L.A. area if it were affordable.  I'm sure that experienced members will
point out some formidable obstacles to implementing this model because, if they
didn't exist, surely it would have been done already.   Still, what would it
take to make it happen in spite obstacles?   I'm certainly interested.


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>  on replies.  See
> Park Models are cute affordable little  pre-fab houses, that sometimes
> qualify as an RV. they are generally 12w by 36-56L (although I've seen other
> sizes too).. They are functional, have wheels can be pulled onto land, and
> very adorable. ($30,000- $60,000)  Google " Park Models RV's"  With a deck,
> a small addition, a tiny yard, and a common house, it could actually be a
> small village.  Other small structures could live there too, Like prefab
> cabins, or garden cottages.  I'd call it  *Small-ville*. I'm not talking
> about a trailer park where everyone is on top of everyone else, I'm talking
> about each unit having enough space to do some gardening, and have some
> space between houses.  Common paths, gardens, permaculture, etc.  I
> visualize a gated in community where there are no cars where the small
> village is, but parking on the outside - to save space).
> As far as space goes, a retired single woman, this is all the space I ever
> care to consume.  I think many people would trade their one-bedroom
> apartment, for something they can own with a little yard, and some friendly
> neighbors. I really believe there could be a market for this.
> I think this could be built right in a city like Los Angeles on an empty
> lot, because there are plenty of "trailer parks" already registered and
> zoned in L.A. And plenty of empty lots.   If the first "small-ville
> co-housing" model were successful? We could dupicate it.  Wouldn't it be fun
> to have lots of "small-ville co-housing parks" throughout the urban area? (
> Or rural for that matter).  It would have to be zoned as an RV park, or
> trailer park. You'd need someone to buy the lot, the individuals could buy
> their own Park Model,or cabin. or build small houses. The only thing is, if
> the unit is on the ground it belongs to the property owner, if its on wheels
> it belongs to the "tenant". But if the investor was a co-member, people
> could put it on the ground and everyone could own their own lot with a deed.
> I've done some research on this, and so far I'm coming up with green "go for
> it" signs.  But I'd need an investor or a group of investors to start the
> project.  Anybody got any good ideas?
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