Co-housing Conf Call Report
From: carrol crawford (
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 21:15:08 -0800 (PST)
Hi everyone,
We successfully completed our conference call on co-housing with a variety
of callers on the line.  Some very experienced, some newby's to co-housing.
Questions, answers, and info exchanges were the main focus of the call. A
little brainstorming about the intention of the call and how to get the news
out to more people.  A vision of having it catch on and actually offer
several conference calls throughout the week to address different aspects of
co-housing, for example one call for people just learning about co-housing,
one call that is East Coast time friendly, and one call for co-housers to
get a chance to chat to each other about life on the homefront.

We talked about having topics, guest speakers, and interest groups come on
the  future calls. The topic this time was centered around the idea of
creating a small village of co-houses made up of park models ( small
affordable modular units that classify as a trailer unit or RV, these cute
cabins are the size of a large RV- or one bedroom apartment.).

I mentioned that I'm looking for some grant money to do a feasibility report
for setting up trailer parks on small lots of land, and got some information
on non-profit orgs I could partner with. Some others on the call brought up
the idea that there seems to be more grant money available for forming
trailer parks.  Others on the call mentioned that it seemed like a good idea
to create a trailer park type eco-village and use small units like these
classy park models, or small cabin kits for the housing at the trailer park,
great for one or two people.  If anybody has more info on that  please let
me know.

Memories of Geoff showed up on the call, so we all sent him some good

So, lets keep it up!  Lets keep talking...Next week 8:00 pm PST same number.
1-712-432-2000 pin  09993#

Ananda (LA Calif)

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