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Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 17:47:45 -0800 (PST)
If the cooks know in advance how much $$ they can spend on a meal, why do they end up out-of-pocket? Are you charging too little?

Our cooks sometimes go over budget too, but in our case I find it much more understandable since the overage does not come out of the cooks' pocket. We assume, usually correctly, that other meals going under budget will generally balance out those that go over.

In our system (which I think is the same as your system), diners pay a set amount for a dinner and must sign up in advance so the cooks will know how much they are supposed to spend.

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Tonight at dinner in our Commonhouse, several neighbors were talking
about going 'over budget' and spending money out-of pocket when
cooking for the Community.
The system we've fallen into, and have been using does have that risk.
The system  is that the Head Cook sees how many people are signed up
to eat that meal.  Then calculates how much income that should
provide.  Then uses that amount or less for the meal.

For example, tonight there were 8 people signed up.  At $3 each=$24.
Cook has that amount to use.
On a Sunday there might be 5 people x$3= $75.  The cook for this meal
has this amt to use.  Extra goes to Commonhouse kitchen slush fund.

So,  feedback, please: What system/s do you use?  Do you find it works?

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