Re: Liveable temp/ geothermal
From: Alexander Robin A (
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 10:17:27 -0800 (PST)
I agree with Robert that the geothermal systems at Eno Commons are excellent. 
Imagine quiet air conditioning with NO compressor noise!! One caveat: since 
it's a less used technology, our service provider was the only one in the area 
and so had a monopoly, which he made good use of. Service calls were VERY 
expensive and tended to negate the cost savings that the energy efficient 
system provided.
Robin Alexander


From: Robert Heinich [mailto:robert [at]]
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Subject: Re: [C-L]_ Liveable temp/ geothermal

>>> Quoting Randa Johnson <cohoranda [at]>:
>>> I would love to get more information on ... any one else who has 
>>> geothermal)

Every house in Eno Commons has geothermal heat pumps.  However, Jessie 
Handforth Kome who now lives at Eastern Village Cohousing in Silver 
Spring, Maryland might be a better contact.  She convinced us that 
geothermal was the the way to go and we have been pleased with that 

-Robert Heinich
  Eno Commons Cohousing Neighborhood
  Durham, NC
where this Sat is a Community Dayz and I am one of the cooks.  My 
entree is a vegan pot roast using the recipe from "Fresh from the 
Vegetarian Slow Cooker" by Robin Robertson (... and of course, I will 
make the morning coffee.)

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