Re: How to soundproof shared walls and floors/ceilings
From: Michael Barrett (
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 08:50:44 -0800 (PST)
   On Jan. 27, Sharon Villines wrote:

 I would like to hear from the construction wise among us who know how to
create shared walls, floors, and ceilings so sound does not penetrate. [end

I am not an expert on construction, though I have done some.
Experientially however I have lived in a duplex with a double shared wall, i.e. two complete insulated fire rated drywall walls with an air space from foundation to roof between them. I presently live in a duplex with a cinder block shared wall with the drywall furstripped onto the cinder block. Presumeably the cinderblock construction must be substantially more expensive because the sound transmission is much much less, like I cannot tell if there is anyone home next door without checking the parking space or knocking on the door. Perhaps someone who is construction cost aware can tell us the relative costs of the two approaches.

Michael Barrett
Shadowlake Village, Blacksburg, VA

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