Commonhouse Meals follow up
From: Ruth Hirsch (
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 06:23:13 -0800 (PST)
Dear All,

Thanks for responses to initial question. Here's another one--or two, asked in relation to our system, which fell in place when we built our Commonhouse, eight or nine years ago. Our system--please let me be clear: I am not suggesting ours is a particularly good way to do this-- is: cooks guessitmate from sign-up sheet how much income will be derived from the meal. We pay $3 p adult, half for kids-who-eat. So the cook looks at sign-up and decides how much $ is available. If the cook goes over, it comes out of that person's pocket; if under, $ goes to 'slush fund' for kitchen items.

The question, follow-up question from our neighbor to communities [most, I think]re: reimbursing cooks based on expenditure rather than on # of diners is: Do cooks--some cooks-- over spend, feel they have carte blanche for example to buy a convenience product to save time. Or what some might consider a more pricey meal than if they financial constraints? [Am betting this is not a problem, but was asked to ask!]

While I am at it, the other question is:
How do diners pay?  Cash? Scrip?  Other method?

Meanwhile this series of questions could be codified and the input from various of us on this list could be used to give input to developing communities who often have questions in the CommonHouse Meals realm.

I'll try to codify the questions, and the answers, if we use this as the subject line, will pop up in Archives. Feel free to modify questions, etc... or not. Answer or not. I know this has come up periodically, just thought that putting all the questions [that I thought of] in one place might be helpful. If you don't like this concept, please excuse/delete.

How often do you have meals?

Are any potluck?  If so are they spontaneous or planned potlucks?

Approximately how many cooks to how many diners?

How long before a meal do diners need to sign up?

What are the costs to diners: Adults/youth?

How is available money to cooks decided/ie, how much can a cook spend on a meal?

How are cooks re-imbursed?

How do diners pay:  cash?  Scrip?  Other system?


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