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Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 12:00:28 -0800 (PST)
How do diners pay?  Cash? Scrip?  Other method?

Diners are billed (via email list) each month by the
kitchen team accounting person, but diners are
encouraged to count up their meals when signing up and
paying ahead so we have enough money in the account to
pay for food (this will be further explained below).
Checks are written separately to the kitchen team
member responsible for depositing them into the
kitchen team account. 

How often do you have meals? 4-5 times per week

Are any potluck?  If so are they spontaneous or
planned potlucks? Potlucks are not part of the meals
program but are organized separately.

Approximately how many cooks to how many diners?
2 cooks for 30-40 diners

How long before a meal do diners need to sign up? 
We sign up for all the meals we want to eat at the
beginning of each 4-week cycle. There is usually a 4-5
day window in which to sign up. 

What are the costs to diners: Adults/youth? Adults $4,
Children $1

How is available money to cooks decided/ie, how much
can a cook spend on a meal?

Our cooks do not shop for their own meals (although
some like to pick up this or that for their meals and
then are reimbursed by kitchen team). Kitchen team
orders the bulk of our food from a wholesale company
and it is delivered. Remaining items are bought by our
shopper (me).

How are cooks re-imbursed?
Any cooks purchasing items and I are reimbursed by
submitting receipts to kitchen team for reimbursement
by check.

How do diners pay:  cash?  Scrip?  Other system?
Sorry - I answered this one up top.

Thursday nights are "Creativity Nights" where cooks
create wonderful and delicious meals from the week's
leftovers. We also have dessert on that night only
(except for birthday celebrations after the dinner
following our business meetings). Any leftovers from
creativity night can be taken home, at no charge, by

Maura Deering
Jackson Place Cohousing
Seattle, WA

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