Re: Large animal policies
From: J Boerst (
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 14:55:51 -0800 (PST)
Thanks for your explanation of animal agriculture at Pioneer Valley, Laura.  
How does the land allotment work?  Did you need to lease extra acreage, or was 
it just granted to you?

One concern about larger-scale agriculture (in terms of land use--1 acre+) 
engaged in by individuals, not the community as a whole, is that it uses a 
significant piece of land for what would essentially amount to an individual 
household's hobbies.  I know at Dancing Rabbit in Missouri they do have a lease 
system, and I'm wondering if anyone else has something similar.  People 
dabbling in growing veggies would probably use less land than people dabbling 
in raising dairy cows, so it does become more of an issue when animal 
agriculture is on the table, as does the expense of fencing, barns, etc.

We are also considering the possibility of horses living here and how that 
would work in terms of land use, facilities, etc.  Are there any communities 
where a few individuals own horses, and how has that worked out for the 
community?  Is there any provision that they be shared with the community in 
any way?  Any problems with having horses on walking trails?   Just trying to 
see the big picture and anything that might arise before writing policy on it.

Julie Boerst

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