Common Rules and Agreements
From: tom shea (
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 16:22:49 -0800 (PST)
Green Haven (working name) is creating a draft set of bylaws along with common 
rules and agreements for our envisioned(ing) cohousing project.   Thanks to 
many of the community web sites there are some great models available from 
which we have drawn.  Is anyone willing to share (or point me to) specific 
language that addresses shared labor (i.e. common area up-keep, farm chores, 
etc.)?  I am also interested in compensation structures to address the 
following hypothetical situation:  Someone wants to move into the community but 
cannot afford to own, however the community as a whole would benefit greatly 
from a particular set of skills the prospective member possesses (and everyone 
wants them to live there).  If the community has an available unit (or even one 
designated for this) how would rule/bylaw language for working off the cost of 
the unit (or a least the amount of required downpayment) look?  Perhaps a kind 
of value added process.  Theoretically,
 the application of the person's skills would add value to the community in 
many ways.  Can a contingency exist in the legal structure for this type of 
Here's to the all the dreamers!!  
Tom Shea

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