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Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2008 13:43:05 -0800 (PST)
True, the scale for goats is more reasonable - a single cow gives a lot of milk and requires a lot of pasture. In this case, a goat or two was more trouble than anyone wanted to take on - in my experience as a one-time neighbor of goats, is it's like having perpetual teenagers, with all the mischief that they get into. Also, it's a matter of taste, to some extent, since folks don't always care for goat milk. (Feta, on the other hand, is wonderful.) One of the things our cow-owning friends have been doing is making several sorts of cheese. They also have a breed of cow that's relatively small.

We DID have a couple of very young and small white (goat) kids who mysteriously appeared last year on the property early one Saturday morning. People were wondering if they were hallucinating. Must have hooped off a truck or something. They were leashed (!) and eventually returned to the rightful owners a few miles away, once we figured out who that was.



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What a shame that the family couldn't have tried a neat little dairy
goat to provide fresh milk and tidy droppings in very little space.
Two goats bred to overlap lactations can supply a gallon or two of
milk per day.  The mature males are undesirerable in close quarters,
but they need only visit once a year.  Now, if one will not consider
goats' milk as a substitute for cows' milk, my suggestion is
useless.  I have kept goats for decades and can promise that they
will try the most patient person when it comes to confining the
clever beasts.  Nonetheless, they are perhaps more appropriate scale
for your neighbourhood and delightful, productive, compact
companions.  At a bale/week of good hay, they require much less
storage space to feed for a winter than a horse or cow.

Kathryn Belzer
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