Re: Commonhouse Meals follow up
From: Richard L Kohlhaas (
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 14:44:36 -0800 (PST)

> How often do you have meals?  twice per week
> Are any potluck?  If so are they spontaneous or planned potlucks?  None; we 
> sometimes 
 have  planned potlucks on holidays
> Approximately how many cooks to how many diners? 1 cook, 1 asst cook, 3 
> cleanup.  
       usually 35-45 diners
> How long before a meal do diners need to sign up?  2-3 days
> What are the costs to diners: Adults/youth?  Zero.  Head cook buys all the 
> food (except
    for some staples) and then eats free the rest of the cycle.  Guests 
  pay $5 cash, of which $3 goes to the cook and $2 goes to the fund for 
buying staples-- also funded from community dues of $10/adult/month, 
which also covers committee expenses, child care, etc.  
> How is available money to cooks decided/ie, how much can a cook spend  
> on a meal?  It's up to the cook
> How are cooks re-imbursed?     See above
> How do diners pay:  cash?  Scrip?  Other system?  See above
> Leftovers?  Cook can take home and/or offer to other diners.  
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