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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 09:51:08 -0800 (PST)
RFP's (request for proposal), can be issued by anyone (not just governments). They can be issued to developers, contractors or architects or engineers, depending on your needs and the stage of your project. You also don't have to state the money you have. You can instead outline what you need (in broad or specific terms) and ask for a price as part of the proposal. You should ask that the proposals outline in detail what they would do for the price they submit . Obviously the more detailed and specific you can be with your needs, and the more specific the information you are requesting is, the better for everybody. The Proposals you receive in response to your RFP usually form the substantive basis for a contract between you and the developer or contractor or architect or engineer, so a very specific and detailed proposal for a specific price is your best guarantee of a satisfactory end result. Having said that, if you know your budget limit, you can also include your budget in the RFP and ask what the developer /contractor can do for that amount. Either way the more detailed the proposal is, the better. And its a good idea to issue the identical RFP's to several developers or contractors, so that you can choose the best one that demonstrates an understanding of your needs and demonstrates by the specifics of their proposal what they would do for you. There are many ways to skin the cat (awful analogy) or issue an RFP. (I'm sure many people will have other opinions on the process I've just described.) You can tailor it to your specific situation, and the stage of your development. Hope this helps you start thinking about the process.

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Request for Proposals, usually issued by a government or other funding
entity. Basically a call for submissions of ideas on how to use money the funder has toward a goal the funder wants accomplished by a consultant, nonprofit, or other entity. There is usually an outline the applicant has to follow, strict timelines, and the funding is usually for a one-time project (like building or design) or a limited period with possible renewals (like
building management).

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What is an RFP?

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