Re: Okay! we're moving the conf call to 7:00 Monday's
From: rainesc (
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 09:48:26 -0800 (PST)
>7pm PST is 4pm EST

Uh, Sarah, check your clocks again: 7 pm PST is _10_ PM EST.

The Monday calls seem to go half an hour.

where a light shower is rustling my neighbor's plum blossoms outside
my window at Berkeley (CA) cohousing

Cohousing Coach, Planning for Sustainable Communities

Where we're collaborating with an area sustainability organization to
plan a WALKING tour of East Bay Cohousing neighborhoods in
Berkeley/Oakland/Emeryville (with a little help from subway or public
East Bay Cohousing:
Daily Acts:

Missing common dinner this evening (mmm, quiche!) to lobby the Oakland
City Council to rubber-stamp condo conversion approval for Mariposa
Grove, the only cohousing neighborhood around these parts to include
bees and chickens... and permanently affordable housing, in
partnership with Northern California Land Trust:
Mariposa Grove:
NCLT: http:/

And excited that North Oakland Cohousing isn't throwing in the towel,
and is continuing to function as a group despite some setbacks,
meeting more frequently than before:
North Oakland Cohousing (website somewhat out of date, but gives the flavor):

Delighted to see registration now open for the national Cohousing
conference back near Boston, and making plans to participate:

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