Re: Developer Driven Cohousing
From: Joelyn Malone (
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 16:25:12 -0800 (PST)
Sharon Villines wrote:

Personally, I think the insistence on starting with a group of people who intend to be residents and then beginning the building process is over-emphasized as necessary to develop a community.

Cohousing Advocates has found that you don't need a group of people at the beginning, to find a site and a willing developer, but you do need a group fairly early on in the process. The nonprofit developers we've connected with already have site control and know what building types will fit the sites - but they are not willing to spend any of their own money doing the things that make it cohousing, until they are assurred of a committed group that has also put up money to make it happen. We have yet to find a developer who is willing to say "Build it and they will come..." It takes a lot of work to put such a group together - the "early- in" folks still have to get to know eachother well enough that they feel comfortable putting money at risk - and believing that enough more members can be found to actually make the community happen.

Joelyn Malone
Monterey Cohousing (MN)
where we're loving having a real winter again, complete with all those below-zero days.

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