New Prices at Delaware Street Commons
From: Vicki Penner (
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 13:40:08 -0700 (PDT)
Hello -

The discussion on the listserv about affordable housing gave me the idea to
update this list on our home prices.    

Delaware Street Commons finished construction in May 2007.   Eight
households moved in over that course of that summer.   We have a total of 21
new homes and have 12 more to sell or rent.   

This week,  we have chosen new prices for our homes.   Here are the basics:

2 bedroom flat $125,000 -  $127,5000 
3 bedroom townhome $187,500 - $190,000
3 bedroom townhome (2 baths) $210,000 - 214,900
3 bedroom flat $175,000

We also have a 2 bedroom flat and a 3 bedroom townhome for rent.   

We will be posting these new prices on our website soon.   Please feel free
to check that out at  

While these are not specifically identified as 'affordable' homes in
Lawrence Kansas,   the prices may make co-housing an option for someone
willing to move further inland.  

We welcome all inquiries.

In cooperation,

Vicki Penner

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