Re: Elevators and exclusions
From: mrbouchez06 (
Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 11:22:48 -0700 (PDT)
could i suggest that how people react to  another person's ideas can stop 
discourse really quickly?  words that imply  that someone else is 
cold-hearted/unthinking/value-challenged etc easily  discourage anyone from 
weighing in on a 
topic that is highly-charged on one  side.  particularly today, people fear 
being insensitive or perceived as  such so they often don't bring up issues for 
fear of being publicly  "whipped" .  I'm not going to bring up the particular 
comments that i  felt were castigating to another because then i'd just be 
doing the same thing  .  but i am going to comment that my opinion is that it 
often appears if  one doesn't think like the "group" on this list on every 
then that one is  chastened.  sorry - that's my take. 
i think a major problem for co-housing is that  it tends to be exclusionary 
in nature, not just because people don't wish to  have community etc but 
perhaps because they figure unless they are  appropriately "green", 
"politically-leaning in a particular  direction" or whatever, it isn't for 
them.  well, i'd like to propose that  there should be many types of 
within the "community-enhancing"  environment.  While it is true we will all 
likely have some physical  disability in the future, seriously, we all have 
disabilities right now, some  visible/some not and no one can accommodate to 
all.   my  suggestion was that we look for other ways to accommodate as best 
as we can -  stop insisting that everything has to be equally available to 
everyone at the  expense of providing anything to anyone.  i'm suggesting we 
acting  within the confines that presently exist through legislation on the 
books or  popular conceptions of what is fair and what's not.  i'm suggesting 
we  change policies and systems to make a better product/a better community in  
But, so far - all cohousing communities I've  seen or heard about are 
very much middle class, and not even lower  middle-class

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