experienced coho family needs relocation
From: Lynn Nadeau (welcomeolympus.net)
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 13:29:22 -0700 (PDT)

This family has been part of RoseWind (Port Townsend WA) for about 5 years: they are fine folks, with proven commitment to participation, good team players, delightful children. Because the mom developed multiple chemical sensitivities, the family has needed to move to a more remote-from-urban-air-pollution location. As it has become clear that the situation may be long-term, they are looking for a cohousing community with a location that works for them. I personally recommend them! Here is their post:

A family with experience in intentional community is looking for a new home. We are middle aged with children aged 12 and 8. We are looking for an intentional community in a small town or rural setting. We have lived in cohousing for 5 years and loved it. We were forced to leave due to a sudden severe chemical sensitivity. We hope to relocate somewhere near the West Coast. We cannot live near a big city or near a highway, or near industrial emissions. Likewise, not in a new or newly-remodeled houe due to chemical sensitivities.

We prefer a small house (2 bedroom fine, 1100-1700 sq ft, possibly smaller) and are looking for a place with exisiting or potential opportunity to grow food, and possibly have chickens. We appreciate consensus decision making, have some experience in non-violent communication, and were active participants in our previous community. We have at times lived mostly off grid, but do need phone, electricity, and Internet access. We are willing to rent or buy. Please contact us off list if you are looking for new community members and think we might be a good fit. Cindy or Russ 907 766 3802 (Alaska) or [1]cindyb12 [at] aol.com .

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