Addiction in Cohousing support group
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 15:47:52 -0700 (PDT)
The author of the message below who I'll call "Otto"  wishes to remain
anonymous. It was posted by Fred, the Cohousing-L list manager,
<fholson [at]>

See my post script at end also.  Fred
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Dear Cohousers,

I have been living and involved in Cohousing for about a decade.
Unfortunately for about 3 of those years I was somewhat isolated from my
Cohousing community and life in general because I was addicted to
prescription pain killers and alcohol. I am proud to say that I am now
clean and sober for over 100 days (my first 100 days clean and sober in
over four decades)  and it feels great. I go to 12 Step meetings and use
the tools of relapse prevention quite diligently.  While driving home from
rehab, the Betty Ford Center to be exact I wondered how many others in
Cohousing have the same or similar addiction (all addictions are welcome)
issues that I have and could I get an anonymous group together to help
create a way for those interested parties to meet each other anonymously
so that we could mutually support each other. To our own betterment and
perhaps that of our communities.

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PS from Fred.

Exactly how this Addiction in Cohousing support group would work has yet
to be determined. Our goal is to allow Cohousers to feel safe enough to
come together to discuss their issues with addiction. We have no idea how
much interest there is. We do not know how much anonymity participants
would desire. Clearly personal details on Cohousing-L with it's large
circulation and public archives is too public for most people.  But a
separate private email listserv would seem like a possibility to me (who
has no experience with anything quite like this tho I do operate a number
of "private" mailing lists.)  I can set up a private list so posts are
"anonymous" ( the from address would be replaced with the address of the
list).  Another possibility (to start ?) would a group phone call. A
meeting of this type is being considered for the National Cohousing
Conference in Massechusetts in July.

If necessary Otto is willing to completely give up his anonymity to
get this done.

I (Fred Olson, cohousing-L list manager) would know some specifics about
people who write to me or participate in a private listserv that I would
set up and manage, but pledge to keep that information private.

If you are interested in an Addiction in Cohousing support group, you can
write to Fred the list manager at fholson [at] .  BE CAREFUL not
to send this to cohousing-L (you may want to start a new message (not
reply to this message which would by default go back to the list). Or call
Fred at 612-588-9532 (7am-10pm CST/CDT). Indicate if you would participate
in a private listserv or other suggestions.

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