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Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 09:49:50 -0700 (PDT)

I am interested in co-housing and do not know too much about it. Do you know if 
there will be anything in California where I can learn more. I noticed a 
conference in Boston in June, will there be anything similar in California? Or 
any tours of existing co-housing communities in California.

Thank you,

Angela Kent 
e-mail: kentbuckly [at]

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Subject: [C-L]_ Did you call about the house for sale in YULUPA, Santa Rosa CA?

Hello wonderful coho-l readers and posters!

Ready for a slightly out-of-the-ordinary, creative and fun use of our  


If you are the person who recently left a voice mail message  
expressing an interest in the YULUPA Cohousing house for sale, could  
you please call back? Your message said you had seen the HOUSE FOR  
SALE notice on this list, you left your name and only a partial phone  
number - as he message got cut-off. We can hear the first 6 numbers:  
FOUR, EIGHT, ZERO, TWO, THREE, FOUR (480.234) and that's it.

If that is your number and you are reading this message, please call  
Alexandra back. She will be traveling on Monday and would like to make  
contact with you. Please call both her numbers, home 707.579.9223 and  
mobile 707.331.0425. If you end up leaving another message, please  
repeat your phone number. Thank you! :)


Neil (for Alexandra Hart - Yulupa Cohousing - Santa Rosa CA)
Swan's Market Cohousing - Oakland CA
neil [at] - 510.465.7241

See you at Conference in 25 days!
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