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Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 12:00:00 -0700 (PDT)
At 9:38 PM -0400 5/19/08, Jane O'Brien wrote:
The houses are very close to one another (about 10 feet between them) so you wave to your neighbor in your facing kitchen windows when both of you are making supper. But there are no shared walls, so it's easier to shut out neighbor noise; everyone has a small yard and parking in front of their house; everyone tends to look out for the children and animals of those who live here.

It's a great solution for me. Might not have worked well earlier in my life, and I know the circumstances have to conspire for people to be able to move long distance.

I'm so glad to hear stories like yours. It is something I've considered, particularly since housing in Ohio is very inexpensive. 10 points for you and everyone else like you who takes the risk to believe whatever happens things will be for the best.

I grew up in a 5-house cul-de-sac in the San Fernando Valley, just north of L.A., so we experienced more-than-normal community (50 years ago).

I'm not in a place health-wise where I could pick up and move somewhere without knowing there would be at least a few friendly faces where I landed. It's another reason I'm interested in cohousing. I can care for myself, but I do much better when I'm out and about interacting with others and making a contribution.

I wish there were some way to create a data base of people who would like to relocate -- whether it be across town or cross country, rental or purchase -- but also could count on finding people nearby who welcome living in community with their neighbors.

Hmmm... sounds like a new social network for living with others who want to live in community. Maybe several people in a situation similar to me -- can live almost anywhere -- could gather in one geographical area likely to have low cost rentals grouped in the same building or block or surrounding a community center? (Maybe I'll spend more time on MySpace or Facebook....)

Do some of the existing communities have pages in social networks?


P.S. I currently live in the middle of an 800+ condo homeowner's association (I rent). Although there are exceptions, most people won't give their next door neighbor their name and emergency contact number for Neighborhood Watch -- they don't want anyone to know their business!

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