Positive TV opportunity for Cohousing Family
From: Zev Paiss (zevabrahampaiss.com)
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 09:54:52 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Cohousers,

Are you interested in being a Cohousing TV star but be portrayed accurately and positively?

Neshama Abraham Paiss of Nomad Cohousing and ABC's "Wife Swap" fame writing with a media opportunity that I support and I believe will be a very different experience than the manipulation we experienced with ABC-TV. I am writing as the National Media Contact for the Cohousing movement to convey a request to see if there is a family and community who would like to be considered for a TV opportunity that I believe would be a good one for cohousing. If you are interested in pursuing this, please contact me directly at Neshama [at] AbrahamPaiss.com or call (303) 413-8066 and I will pass your contact information on to the producer.


An independent TV producer, Jenny Daly of Target Entertainment in Santa Monica, CA, has contacted our office and is wanting to produce an 8-10 episode program about cohousing. She has already spoken with The Learning Channel (TLC) and they are interested in seeing a pilot for the series which she is tentatively calling "All for One."

I have spoken at length with Jenny. I shared with her the skewed portrayal cohousing received on "Wife Swap" and she clearly responded that her intent ..."is not to exploit or degrade in any way!" I believe Jenny is an honorable person who wants to give cohousing a fair, entertaining and realistic portrayal as a lifestyle people may want to know about and perhaps pursue. She describes her vision for the show as follows:

"My vision is to capture a unique lifestyle that most families in the U.S. do not have. I want to feature a specific cohousing community that truly works like one big family. Where all the families pitch in with watching the kids, having group meals and activities. Where the families rely on one another just as you would rely on your husband or spouse for support. I need families that are open and expressive, that are comfortable with sharing their thoughts and feelings, both happy and sad. This show will give viewers a different perspective on a lifestyle that they can relate to as well as learn from."

She has produced documentary-reality shows such as "The Fashionist Diaries" for Soap Net on the world of fashion; "Little Miss" for E! Channel about Pageant Moms; "#1 Single" staring Lisa Lobe for E!; "Love is in the Heir" for E! and "Try My Life" for Style Network.

Jenny would like to speak with several families to select one main household and cohousing community that would be featured in a half- hour pilot program to be presented to TLC. Consideration for the pilot would involve a phone interview during the next week. If your community was selected, a mutually convenient time would be selected for shooting during a weekend in June. If the The Learning Channel buys the program concept, the series would be shot over about a six- week period in the fall. Shooting would be scheduled around key events in the community. There is no financial remediation for the pilot, however there would be a fee (couple of thousand dollars) to be part of the series.

Sometimes you have to go on your gut feeling. I believe cohousing would be well served by participating in this production. We know there is a need in the U.S. for more sustainable neighborhoods. Exposure on a reputable family-based medium such as The Learning Channel would help cohousing become better known in a positive way. In hindsight, saying yes to ABC for Wife Swap was a learning experience, but didn't serve the movement or the industry. I think the "All for One" series Jenny has in mind, if accepted by TLC, would be one we can be proud of and would help more people become interested in creating and living in cohousing.

Neshama Abraham Paiss
Abraham Paiss & Associates, Inc.
1460 Quince Avenue #102
Boulder CO 80304
Neshama [at] AbrahamPaiss.com

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