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Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 19:03:04 -0700 (PDT)
Oops... my post was intended for Eris only.  Ahh, the intentions of the CL


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Eris - here's our steering committee charter.  We meet every other week and
have been for about 2 years since shortly after move-in here at Pacifica.
We have 7 or 8 active members, including myself as HOA pres and our vice
pres.  The scety comes on occasion and the treasurer essentially never.
We've had some interesting ups and downs about the SC, some contentious
discussion in our cmmty meetings but in general I think the cmty is very
supportive and appreciative of the work we've been doing.  I see the SC as
the only group in the cmty taking a look at the whole thing --- working to
keep us on track.  It's quite a tall order.  We’re a cmty of 46 households.
Move-in has been complete for only about 6 months.  We have radically
different views of cmty life, purpose, commitment, etc.

I'd be happy to share mor if you're interested.

Marc Kolman
Pacifica Co-Housing
Carrboro, NC

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I am interesting in hearing from communities that have some kind of
coordinating committee/executive committee AFTER move-in. Ours disbanded
after move-in and we are beginning to consider re-instating it. In the
interests of not re-inventing the wheel, I'd like to hear from those who
have them how they are structured, who the members are, what their
charge/mission is, how the community feels about it, etc.


Eris Weaver, Facilitator & Group Process Consultant
Founding Member, FrogSong (Cotati, CA)
eris [at]

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