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Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 05:52:04 -0700 (PDT)

In cohousing 'La Grande Cense' near Brussels (transformation of a farm
complex, now under construction) the monthly charges will also be calculated
based on the square footage.

We stipulated in the 'HOA'-documents that if owners choose to extend their
square meters later on they will of course be charged monthly on the new surface.
But in addition they will also have to pay a one-time supplement for buying
into the project for this extra sqare meters (at a fixed price pro extended
square meter).
If surfaces will be diminished no refund will be done.

This could seem strange, but it has a historical background.
People had a degree of choice in the extensions they wanted or not at the
start of the project (by letting a 'vide' or by not using part of an attic,
or not adding a veranda). Not using the full potential of the square meters
lowered the initial price (calculated pro sq meters) for buying the unit.

It was motivated by individual tight budget reasons.
It made possible to let participate members with a (relative) limited income
as cost estimations for transformation grew over time. It was 4 years
between buying the farm and starting the construction, in a time that
general construction costs went up with more than 20%.

So, actually, this measure is an opportunity for members to spread their
initial costs over years, rather than a search for new income.

kind regards,
Luk Jonckheere

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Are owners surcharged when they improve their property? If so, on what
Is there provision for reducing or "sunsetting" these charges over time?

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