Re: west TN co farm (Co-Farming)
From: Susan (
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 10:04:44 -0700 (PDT)
Ideally I am looking for several individuals who want to live and work on a farm. Large families used to work farms - but I am finding many single people, or small families who can't afford a large amount of land, and can't physically do all the if we use a cohousing model of community, with a farm theme. For example...10 family units with their own family may want dairy cows, one may want fruit production, one chickens.... If they had their own place they would duplicate a barn, a truck, a tractor and so on...why not share some of these major expenses?
It will be complex - but I need to start somewhere.


Co-farming sounds very interesting.  Are you thinking organic?  Mono-crop
or diversified, like for farmer's markets?  Are you thinking of individual
plots plus a community one (like the private and common spaces of
cohousing)?  And cohousing is part of the idea, too, or not?

I am not in cohousing, and have mostly just been in discussions with
people wishing they were.  In those contexts, having a CSA (Community
Supported Agriculture--that is, a weekly produce share paid for by
subsciption) has been at the top of the wish list.   And the other thing
of course people talk about, is a huge garden for produce for the
community and private kitchens.

Maybe you could say more of the ways you see it as possibly being
organized.  What are your favorite ideas?


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