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The Utah  Valley Commons, still in formation, has no policy on firearms,
and I would  expect that if one develops it will simply mirror existing
state  regulations.  It is unlikely that we would go further, and  mandate
what someone can keep in his or her own house.  In this we may  be the
exception in cohousing communities nationally.  We are, after  all, Utahns,
and gun-ownership comes close to being a sacred  entitlement.

Interestingly, in interviewing cohousers here and there  (from India to
Ecuador, New Zealand to the United States) I find the most  controversial
policy to be one regarding pets, not guns.  That's the  one that seems to
get people's blood up.  For the record, the Utah  Valley Commons has no
plans to regulate pet-ownership, either.  We  have yet to decide, however,
on acceptable procedures for oxen and other  draft animals.

With best wishes,

Charles Nuckolls
Utah Valley  Commons
-- a cohousing community --
"The Sustainable Alternative to  Suburban Sprawl"

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