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Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 17:43:00 -0700 (PDT)
RoseWind Cohousing, Port Townsend WA , long built

Steering (5 members, selected by the membership annually replacing 2 or 3, for two year terms). Coordinates, makes sure things don't fall through the cracks, works with Facilitation to set agendas for monthly whole-group meeting.

Facilitation: works as more than a "pool", rather a team of meeting facilitators meeting before and after monthly meetings, to plan and strategize. When something isn't going well during a meeting, we break and they caucus and re-plan what we are doing on that item.

Grounds: deals with irrigation, mowing, fencing, equipment.

Common House Operations: meal systems, events at the CH, guidelines and rules as they evolve, furnishings, repairs, appliances, accounting for meals and events.

Architectural Review: needed only rarely at this point, now that our homes are all built (each owner had their own house designed and built themselves). Now it would be for additions, sheds, arbors in local commons areas, and such.

Finance: biggest thing is the annual budgeting and assessment-setting process in the autumn, also manage our investments, includes the treasurer, who handles reimbursements and bills.

Outreach responds to inquiries, hosts visitors, facilitates resales, keeps up the web site.

Geek is about electronics: the projector, email systems, sound equipment, video equipment, the coded front door lock.

Kidstuff: essentially non-functioning. In theory, parents of young children and a few other community members, for matters pertaining to kids.

Our garden areas include community areas with perennials like rhubarb, fruit trees, and berries, managed by Grounds. Aided by the "Garden Club", a de facto CSA in which interested members invest money and work in return for a share of the annual vegetable crops (there is a sizeable central garden area, and the majority of active members participate in the gardening).

At any given time, there are several Task Forces, which have particular jobs. When those tasks are done, the TF disappears. Past examples were drafting the Goals, re-visiting our legal documents, 7 years in, and constructing the common house patio. Current task forces include one working up a Land Use Master Plan. Emergency Planning (earthquake, long power outages, unavailable city water, etc) may be a task force, or a committee, I forget. Another group was in charge of Work Party Food. Sometimes there has been some sort of "Fun" committee.

All teams other than Steering are simply volunteers. Almost every team is, in my opinion, understaffed. I've often found myself on a team with two others, and then one gets sick and another leaves town and I'm IT. About 10 out of 23 families are on no committees. Some of us are on multiple committees. We've never gone to pay or play, but cleaning the common house may be where it starts, if people don't get it together soon!

Lynn Nadeau

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