Living an Authentic Life, a New Dimensions Interview with David Wann
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Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 09:06:25 -0700 (PDT)
          Hello friends and colleagues,
The week of July 23-29, an hour-long interview with David Wann, author of Simple Prosperity and coauthor of Affluenza, will air on 400 stations nationwide that carry New Dimensions interviews.

Please check to find the station nearest to you, and the broadcast schedule.

Or download the interview free for two weeks at .

David is also doing extensive speaking in upcoming months:
SolFest Conference in Willits, California August 17
Mercury Cafe in Denver August 27th
Clear Creek Books in Golden, Colorado August 28
Sam Houston University in Huntsville, Texas October 1 and 2
private school in Yokohama, Japan, November 10

David Wann makes a compelling case that the current fiscal squeeze is really a good thing in Simple Prosperity. He covers a lot of solution- oriented ground, from conscientious consumption to building human- scale neighborhoods and dismantling the fossil fuel economy... Utne Reader We've reached a point in our planet's history when nothing less than fundamental change is needed. In his book Simple Prosperity, David Wann proposes that we move away from an obsession with material wealth (what he calls an 'economic box of out-dated assumptions') to an abundance of time, relationships, and experiences. -- Wendy Priesnitz, editor, Natural Life Magazine

Simple Prosperity reads like a well-loved novel, engaging and educational. David Wann offers creative solutions to the challenges of over- consumption and makes it a thoroughly enjoyable read. -- Jill Cloutier, Producer, Sustainable World Radio, KCSB

David Wann has woven together all the right stuff to make a compelling and appealing case for the abundance of enough and the poverty of more.” — Vicki Robin, coauthor Your Money or Your Life, cofounder of Conversation Cafés

If ever there was a right book at the right time, Simple Prosperity is it.” — Lester R. Brown, President, Earth Policy Institute and author of Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble

This book is full of wisdom for real living; and it will help you find a kind of wealth that's woven right within the fabric of everyday life. — Sarah Susanka, author of The Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters, and the Not So Big House series

This is a valuable and concise digest of much that we’ve figured out in recent years, about health, stress, joy, community. — Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy

Dave Wann's recipes from his own experience in Simple Prosperity are a breath of fresh air, and just what we need for a saner future. They include ideas, sound research and down-to-earth advice we can all use. This book is also much more: a friendly, personal guidebook for living a more enjoyable, healthy, loving life. — Hazel Henderson, author, Ethical Markets: Growing The Green Economy

I shut the back cover of Simple Prosperity and slid it into my library bag. It was an interesting read: more affirming than eye opening, more a map than a book. Throughout Simple Prosperity, David Wann directs us along a road toward a more meaningful life - one that we build instead of buy. He points out the pitfalls, jots down directions to the scenic back roads and promises a worthwhile destination - a well-lived life. Green Bean Dreams

Wann poses a very provocative question: If the lifestyle we've been leading is making a mess of the environment, using up many of the world's resources and leaving us queasy as a culture, why not just move on to something else? The strongest feature of "Simple Prosperity" is its ability to direct us in understanding who we are and what we want, resulting in a greater sense of clarity and direction. — Bette Erickson, Boulder Daily Camera

This book can help you reassess your goals. OUr overconsumptive lifestyle is out of synch with our real values, says David Wann, and we can find greater contentment by creating vibrant communities, right- sizing our homes, valuing our time, and nurturinig our health. — Debra Jones, Sierra Magazine.

Living a life that is outwardly simple while inwardly rich could well be the great challenge of the 21st century. Wann provides an accessible road map. — Rebecca Jones, Rocky Mountain News

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