Senior Cohousing versus seniors in Mixed-Age Cohousing
From: Barb Cavanaugh (
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 13:08:58 -0700 (PDT)
My parents have lived in senior community when they were about 50, which was
lower than most.  They moved because they really didn't want to be around
young families, or young singles and such. 


However, from my perspective, both as a nurse who has worked in assisted
living, nursing homes, general hospital and as a parent of 5 children (whose
grandparents obviously don't want to be around children), I like the idea of
mixed communities.  For us, I would love to be able to find a community with
a strong "older person' base, to mentor not only my children who have no
grandparents figures, but also my husband and I in our parenting and


I work in the Amish community right now and that's one of the strongpoints
they have, they are supportive of each generation and the mentoring is


As a disclaimer, we aren't living in community right now, we had been
looking at the simple times community that was going to be built in Indiana,
but we continue to look! Especially for larger communities with lots of

Barb cavanaugh


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