Re: not all press is good press
From: John Ullman (
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 12:00:27 -0700 (PDT)
I looked at the Target Entertainment site, and they appeared to have some valid documentaries among the "Amsterdam Nights" kind of thing, maybe even a majority of valid stuff:

Click on catalog and then documentaries.

I wrote a paper on how cohousing people might deal with the media a few years ago, and I'd be glad to send that to anyone who wants it (in MS Word format.) I think proceeding with caution with the media is good advice, but I don't think Cohousing can be greatly sensationalized. The worst they might do is drop the project when they find out the common house isn't a bedroom. :-)

The best that could happen is that the cohousing message gets out to a lot more people, certainly a good thing.


Laura Fitch wrote:           (On 11:15 AM 7/22/2008)

Hi all,

I've spent a little time throwing off the charms of a TV reporter from
Target Entertainment who wants to do a "documentary" on Cohousing.  I know
she has contacted other communities for the same purpose.  If she contacts
you or your community, I suggest proceeding with caution.

When I asked for links for their "award-winning documentaries" I was sent a
link to a list of sensational titles - no awards listed.  I was never given
the references that I requested.

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