Re: Associate members of completed communities?
From: Larry Miller (
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 12:50:29 -0700 (PDT)
"I am curious about the experience of "associate members" -  people who live
outside the community but who have a special relationship, and who
participate in some meals and activities."

Our experience has been somewhat similar to that of Sharon. We had associate 
members before
occupancy and a few continued afterwards. All have since "faded away."  While 
there are friends
of members in the larger community and they are always welcome at meals or 
events, their
association is primarily with the member rather than the community.

We did sell 5 lots and we could have sold more. All the purchasers built on 
them almost
immediately. However, these are not associates, they are full members. Their 
dues are less
because they are not responsible for maintaining the condos, just the common 
areas. Their
requested work contribution is also slightly less for the same reason. In all 
other respects,
they have the same rights and obligations as any other member and their 
community participation
is about the same as for the other members.  Lot ownership was built into the 
CC&Rs and Bylaws. 

I recommend that you not worry about how associates will be handled after move 
in. If you wish
to sell lots, it's completely viable, but consider treating lot owners as full 
members, not

Larry Miller
Oak Creek Commons

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