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Hi Aubrey,
Thanks for your response. How did you reconcile the folks don't like to pay insurance of kind, and those who more risk adverse? That's a part of the situation here. We have folks who are a little older, who own their units outright, and we have folks younger, have kids and lots of expenses, and who have not built up equity in their units. We have 29 units, near a fault line. Earthquake insurance in California is quite expense (about $20,000 per year), so it would be a big bump in our monthly dues.

Ed Flowers
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We at Winslow cohousing, Bainbridge Island, WA, do have earthquake
insurance.  It was a big decision the first year, as we balanced out
those in the community who don't like to pay insurance of any kind and
those who are more risk averse.  After that, it just became part of our
insurance bill.  Note we are organized as a co-op, and all buildings
belong to the corporation and everyone owns shares, so the risk for all
buildings is all of ours.   On top of that we have regular property
insurance (fire/liability etc).   Note Washington does not have as many
earthquakes as California, but there is a fault line that runs thru
Bainbridge ISland, and we have as much risk for a "big one" as California.
There are those who wanted to "self-insure" or even try for a
self-insure among other cohousing groups,  but the $$ amounts to rebuild
one of our bigger buildings (a 3 story 6-plex) are now quite large.
We are also working on the food and water and notification issues for
"disaster preparedness",  so every household will have what they need
for 3-4 days.  That hasn't been completed.

winslow cohousing
bainbridge island, WA


My first time to ask a question. I'm Ed Flowers, living at Yulupa Cohousing in Santa Rosa, CA.

A couple of our members have asked about earthquake insurance. Does any community have this insurance? Or insurance that covers a disaster (other than a fire)? Or has any community set aside some money to cover costs in case of a disaster (a kind of self-insurance)?

This is separate from the question of having enough food and water on hand in case of an earthquake.


Ed Flowers
Yulupa Cohousing

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