Thanks to Everyone for Your Help
From: 713Training (
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 21:58:32 -0700 (PDT)
I posted a question a couple of days ago regarding
renting in a cohousing community in order to try it out.
I would like to thank all of you for your time and
responses.  Your information helped me to clearly
understand my direction and that is a gift that I could
not have found without all of you.

I have discovered that cohousing is not the way for me.
I would be more comfortable in an environment that is
100% income sharing. In return, I am guaranteed to be
taken care of for the rest of my life.

One reason I prefer this lifestyle is because money is a
guiding force within normal society. For example, I earn
over $125,000 per year. But during the weeks when I am
earning less money, I feel inadequate and convince
myself I am not working hard enough. How wonderful it
would be to turn that $125,000 per year (minus overhead
expenses to keep the business running) into the
community and never see it. Then, and only then would I
not be controlled by how much or how little money I

In my opinion, living in a cohousing community does not
take away the money issue. Instead, homes are sold or
rented, which is based on money. What happens if you get
sick and cannot pay your rent for a month or two? In a
cohousing community no one is obligated to pay your
rent. No one is obligated to take care of you during
illness.  For me, I think living inside a family means
that I take care of others during their time of need,
whether it be financial or medical related, and I expect
the same.

I am sure that cohousing is excellent for many people
who have families and want to live a separate life but
be part of a family-like community.  But for me, I
believe 100% income sharing is the way for me to go. And
unless I would have received so many responses from so
many of you that are subscribed to this list, I would
not have found that out.

May God richly bless each and every one of you.  You
seem like wonderful folks and it was a pleasure
communicating with many of you.

On another note: I just returned from visiting my land
in the Sange de Cristo mountains of southwestern
Colorado. I put up a video slide show that you all may
be interested in viewing. If anyone finds a photo they
want to use as a print, let me know and I will email you
the original.  I am sure you will agree, this is a
beautiful, peaceful area. However, I am unable to turn
it into a community at this time because the land is raw
and there would be so much that would need to be done
regarding drilling a well, etc.  To visit the slideshow:

1.  Visit
2.  Click on PHOTOS below the 3 photos at the top of the
3.  Feel free to email me with your thoughts or if you
would like an original photo for your collection.

Victoria Ring
Email: victoria [at]

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