From: LouHarr (LouHarraol.com)
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 23:58:03 -0700 (PDT)
Two Acre Wood
60 mi. N of S.F. Ca.
Sonoma County
I recognize several of the things that have been mentioned  about an early 
honeymoon period.
I often describe TAW as having had a honeymoon time when it  was like summer 
camp for grown ups here.
We had managed our own development, found the land, planed the  design,done 
the landscaping, raised the $$. We had only 14 units plus a Common  House.
We had all been so involved that we were thrilled to finally  be living 
together. We had a wonderful time working (it seemed like  play)together to 
up several projects and learning how to organize  and share our place. Rob 
Sandelin came 3 times and taught us  about
ways to manage ourselves.His realness and perspective set a  great
tone of respect for one another.
We also had exhaustion from the building time. Everyone worked  and half of 
us had little kids.
I never would have described us as inward looking--we were  taking care of 
our needs at that time.
This is a small town and we had fostered connections to  support getting our 
permit as well as building relationships here. Several  members were/are 
active in local affairs and politics.
Other developmental stages came along for us as they do in  regular 
Louise Harris

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