Re: Very quick question
From: Kay Argyle (
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 10:23:34 -0700 (PDT)
Physical structure and legal status tend to be stable once a community is
finished, compared to dynamic statistics like population, which fluctuates -
at least, in some communities, per a recent discussion :).  

It strikes me that this is, thus, one of those questions that it makes sense
to collect the answers in a central repository, in the cohousing wiki or
someplace, that forming groups could easily be referred to, to avoid the
fatigue of "I've already answered that question three times ..." from
long-time cohousing-L members, or the difficulty of tracking down somebody,
somewhere, who somebody dimly remembers collected information from a
previous thread and may or may not still have it on their computer.

The Cohousing Association's directory has number of units and property size,
which (with their permission) would provide a start on such a table, with
Diane Simpson's and Tom Hammer's tables filling in a few more facts on a few
communities. Even if, to start with, much of the information was blank on
most communities, whatever was there would be useful. 

Include a form linked to the webpage, so that communities could submit their
information to be added.

Some of the FAQs that (from ten years' observation of cohousing-L) occur to
me for inclusion:

- name
- location
- # of units
- size of common house
- property size
- mix of unit sizes: studio/1br/2br/3br/4br, and/or range of square footages

- # of fully/partially handicap-accessible units and/or common house
- # of low-income units, or other affordability measures
- # of guest rooms
- dining room capacity
- checkoff columns for common (in the sense of "frequently existing")
amenities such as a common laundry, workshop, bike shed, community garden
- condo or lot development 
- new-built or retrofit
- type of incorporation such as condo, co-op, etc.
- zoning (e.g., farm animals allowed?)
- special features like geothermal heat, alternative construction methods,
conservation easements, on-site businesses, or any focus such as elder
housing or religious affiliation


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