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Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 08:14:58 -0700 (PDT)
Eris wrote:
> > We had VERY high participation in these retreats. [snip] great way to
> > hang out, get to know each other, and enjoy some of the benefits of
> > cohousing before we actually moved in.

Sharon asked:
> Did the retreats continue once you moved in?
> How much did you spend on this and who paid?

We did not continue the retreats after move-in.  Our first months felt like
a traveling frat party - we were so excited to be together that almost every
night a bunch of us gathered at SOMEbody's house (our common house wasn't
quite finished yet). 

Since move-in, we HAVE had several women's (and one men's) retreats; various
camping expeditions; and at least one all-day process workshop per year. We
celebrate Hearth Day (our community birthday) with a variety of on-site
activities. So while we don't use the word "retreat" for any of these, we
have plenty of gathering that serve the same function, with Hearth Day being
the biggest and best attended. (Everyone who isn't out of town typically
comes.)  Hearth Day and our process-oriented events are paid for out of
community funds.

As for's been five years now so I don't remember actual $ figures.
Basically everybody paid their own cost. As Craig mentioned that Songaia
does, we tried to keep costs down so families could attend. The places we
stayed offered different sleeping options, so folks could camp or have a
room with a bed depending on their needs and preferences. We split all the
food costs.

For our annual Women's Retreats, we typically rent a house (or two) - one
year was near a hot springs and the rest have been on the coast. It is a
kid-free event with no agenda other than eating, drinking, hot tubbing,
walking on the beach, watching movies, and talking.  We take turns cooking
and split all the costs. The Men's Retreat did include kids, and I've heard
they had more of an agenda.
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