specific retreat idea's
From: juva (juvacomcast.net)
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 09:21:00 -0700 (PDT)
Hi all, Juva here from CoHo Ecovillage in Corvallis Oregon.  We are about to 
have our semi-annual retreat.  I have a 3 hour hunk of time to work with.  We 
moved in about 11 months ago and are finding the tension between individuals 
wants/needs and the collective wants/needs something we would like to address.  

I had a process planned but after a conversation with one of my neighbors, I am 
questioning if it is the most useful exercise.  The goal is to help us all look 
at the affect we have on the community in how we get our individual needs met 
and how the community's needs being met affects the individuals.  My dream is 
that we come away with a renewed desire to have all the needs met, greater 
understanding of our personal needs vers wants and how we can be successful in 
getting these met in a way that supports the community needs being met. 


email or call 541-908-5882 (note,  this is also my work line, so don't let the 
message put you off)>

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