Re: What is co-housing really?
From: Gerald Manata (
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 23:26:15 -0700 (PDT)
     Well said, Cindy. Your second paragraph seems to be describing what I 
labeled earlier as a culturally conservative cohousing complex which I do not 
care for.

Cindy T <cindy_t25 [at]> wrote: 

In reflecting on some of the comments about accommodating the disabled made 
here on the list over the past six months or so, I find myself wondering just 
what the difference is between co-housing communities and regular communities.

In some ways, it begins to seem to me that many are just another form of 
property development.  "Community" seems to mean that similar people get 
together and may have a common house and might share meals and chores, but do 
not commit to goals of inclusiveness of diversity, compassion for the less 
fortunate, certainly not a sense of being our brother's keeper, or other things 
requiring really major attitude adjustments from standard American home 

I realize there are exceptions, and have seen some on the list, but in looking 
around at websites for co-housing communities, they seem to be pretty 
homogeneous, and rather exclusive racially and in terms of income.  Perhaps I 
came to the list expecting co-housing to be something it isn't.

Cindy T
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