Re: Best Places to Advertise for New Members
From: R.N. Johnson (
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 13:50:01 -0800 (PST)
Of last 7 members, 4 came in response to a flyer, and 3 found out through word 
of mouth. We get a lot of inquiries from internet sources, but so far no sales. 
Several people mentioned having seen our directory listing years ago, and then 
seeing a poster or hearing from a friend about the community.
When we were forming, we posted flyers at the local UU church, Quaker meeting 
and the local reform temple, as well as health food stores, cafes and community 
centers.  Most of the locals  who came to meetings mentioned seeing the 
flyers.  We keep an ongoing interest list/yahoo group, and have gotten some 
response off that. We get a steady trickle of inquiries from our community 
listing on FIC. We got a few more serious inquiries from our ads on the 
Cohousing Association website. 

I live in a relatively small community with a lot of cohousing forming group 
veterans, so our outreach pattern may be different than the usual.

Randa Johnson
New Brighton Cohousing

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