Please help with Square Footage Costs
From: Janet H. Pelletier (
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 19:05:47 -0800 (PST)

Hi All,
We are trying to determine the marketability and feasibility of our ecovillage project before the Due Diligence period is over on our land. We need to understand the square footage prices of coho/ecovillage homes as compared to local homes. It's hard to get a good comp, since of course our homes include a share of a Common House and other commonly-owned amenties, and local non-co-ho homes would not. Given the poor economy, etc etc, the banks here are being very cautious, and at first glance, our homes appear to be very expensive per square foot. Obviously, that makes the banks even more hesitant to loan money for our construction.

Would any of you who are able forward the following information to me offline so as not to overburden the list-serv? (Sooner is better, of course. We're scrambling like crazy people to get everything done rapidly over here.)

1. What do your homes currently sell for per square foot?
2. What do nearby similar (but no-co-ho) homes sell for per square foot?
3. Where are you located?

Thank you so much!

--Janet Pelletier
Concord Ecovillage

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