Re: Kitchen on public side
From: OldSol (
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 15:26:29 -0800 (PST)
I couldn't agree more!  We have lived in Milagro Cohousing for 5 years  in a 
house with our dining room on the front .....facing the common  footpath.  The 
dining room becomes part of the of front porch where we  spend much of our 
time inside or out, depending upon the weather.  We enjoy  greeting our 
inviting them for a beer or coffee and, in case of a  committee meeting, it's 
easy to spread out papers on the dining table without  entering the clutter 
of the back rooms.  
 So, why isn't the living room (or family room, if the living room  is a 
separate more formal room) on the outside rather than the  kitchen?

David Heimann
JP Cohousing
Ten-thousand years from now, I want someone to say of us, “What  amazing 
courage they had, what spirit, how smart they were, how inventive, and  how 
profoundly they must have loved Earth. -Alison Hawthorne  Deming
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