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Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2008 13:35:43 -0800 (PST)

Zoning rules differ, but in general, planners prefer to see clustering as it
has a much reduced impact on the land. Often times counties have a planned
unit development (PUD) ordinance which encourages clustering. Sometimes
higher densities are offered as incentives for clustering.

Probably the best way to proceed is to make an appointment with a planner in
the local planning or community development department, and take along any
maps and sketch plans you have to give them as much information as possible.
Tell them what you would like to do and ask what options you would have
under their ordinances.

... I just checked, and, assuming Utah Lake is in Utah County, here is what
I found:

The zoning ordinance is here:

- p. 129: PUDs are permitted only in zones RR-5 and TR-5.

- p. 138: Development requirements for PUDs are in Chapter 6. 

- p. 143: The allowed density for PUDs is 4 times the number of acres.

So, bottom line, unless you are in the RR-5 or TR-5 zone, it doesn't appear
that clustered development is possible. If your property is adjacent to one
of these two zones, you might be able to get a rezone. But you need to talk
to the planners to find out for sure.

I hope that helps a bit. It can be daunting to deal with these regulations,
but most planners will be happy to work with you.

Kay Wilson
(Retired city planner :) 

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Dear All,

The UTAH VALLEY COMMONS is considering placing under option a 50 acre
parcel near Utah Lake

If we do, we face many hurdles with the county, including a zoning rule
that sets the minimum acreage per house at 5 acres.

Some of you have dealt with county planning and zoning.  How do you
recommend we argue our case?  If the county's stated goal is to preserve
agricultural land, can't we argue that clustering our houses on two acres,
and reserving the balance (48 acres) for organic farming better serves
this purpose?

Any suggestions on dealing with a county would be most appreciated.

And Merry Christmas!

Charles Nuckolls
Utah Valley Commons

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