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Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 05:11:41 -0800 (PST)
Now that you have brought this up, a friend (lives in Colorado cohousing and I 
who live in NH  - both states that allow home burials) have heard rumor that 
some cohousing communities have started their own burial grounds on the site of 
their community.   Any info about this model?

Mary Kaplan
Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm
Peterborough, NH

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When some friends died 10+ years ago, I did some research into this, and at 
that point cremation was the most green way to go - no toxic chemicals, no 
coffin, liners, vaults, - just the energy to burn. At that time, I was told 
that the state I lived in required embalming otherwise.

It seems that things have changed, thankfully. There is now a green burial 
movement and green burial council and Wikipedia has an article

According to the council and Green Burial there are ways to bury people without 
embalming or coffins (with shrouds). There are also green cemeteries that 
don't have chemically maintained landscapes and that sometimes plant trees 
over the body. I know that's how I would like to go.

If you are lucky, you might have access to an old noncommercial rural 
community cemetery, such as my friend was buried in. It would be interesting 
to find out what is involved in setting up a cemetery on community land. I 
wonder if the IC people might have more info on this? 

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